Nothing to Say

I have discovered something about myself. Something I never really noticed before, but writing a regular blog post has made it clear to me. I can’t write when I’m content. When I’m truly, authentically content with my life, I have nothing to say. I just want to go out and LIVE…so for today, I’m giving myself permission to not write or speak or communicate in any way. Today I will just enjoy being content to BE. Have a beautiful day!


Published by: glimpsejoy

I’m just a frantic, middle-aged mom of four sons, a mostly loving wife of one phenomenal pilot, a never-quite-good-enough child of the Creator of the Universe, and a triple negative breast cancer survivor sharing the glimpses of God’s great joy I find in every day life. Battling cancer opened my eyes to God’s overwhelming love for His human creation--the joie de vivre that God has placed in every heart; and my desire is to share the roller coaster adventure--called Life--with everyone around me! Join me on the journey to glimpse joy in the every day!

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